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  • विवरण:Dog Summer Clothes,Dog Coats for Sale,Best Dog Clothes
Donguan Shengrong Industry Co,.tld Dog Summer Clothes,Dog Coats for Sale,Best Dog Clothes
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Funny dog coats for sale

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    भुगतान प्रकार: T/T
    Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
    प्रसव के समय: 30 दिनों

बुनियादी जानकारी

Pattern: Can Be Customized

Additional Info

पैकेजिंग: carton with foam

ब्रांड: ShengRong

परिवहन: Ocean,Land

उद्गम-स्थान: China

प्रमाण पत्र: ISO9001

बंदरगाह: ShenZhen

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Fashion design Best dog clothes, give you a single dog more love
The details of the design, walk the line uniform,cute, lively and lovely.
Special fine cotton is selected to make it feel soft and comfortable.
The modern exquisite craft can't lose hair, and it will not lose its hair again.

Dog Summer Clothes
The Dog summer clothes fabric is pure cotton, with velvet, warm and windproof. It's very comfortable in autumn. It's very comfortable in the autumn. Dogs have to wear famous brands, too. Walking on the street is absolutely eye catching. Beautiful YY is adorable with a cute dog. Don't mention the return rate! I don't believe you try it. Make sure your dog takes a dump look.
The pattern is customized, you like it, we can do it, you just need to take it to your dog.
Why do dogs wear funny dog clothes in summer?
In spring and summer, skin diseases are frequent and mosquitoes are numerous. Wearing a coat can prevent 70% parasites and protect them effectively.
Prevention of air conditioning, air conditioning room and outdoor temperature difference, dogs and dogs often easy to get in and out of the cold, intestines and stomach discomfort, remember to give dogs and dogs to prevent air conditioning.
In spring, summer, shaving, many parents used to shave their dogs. After shaving, the skin is easy to breed bacteria on the ground surface. Wearing clothes can prevent skin diseases.
In summer, sunscreen and strong sunlight in summer can protect sunscreen from walking and wearing dogs.
In summer, there are many mosquitoes, clothes and small mosquito bites to prevent virus infection.

Pet clothes for small dogs

production process






1) What does Shengrong most do? OEM or ODM projects,the customized manufacturing.

2) What is Shengrong good at? We have great advantages on sublimation printing.

3) How long is the lead time? 7 days for sample. 2-4 weeks after sample confirmed.

4) What is your MOQ?

The MOQ is 10 pieces each design, and we could do only 1 piece custom design for you.

5) Can samples be free? No problem,it could be refundable when order placed.

6) Can I get a discount? Of course,the more you order the cost will be lower.

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  • Funny dog coats for sale
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